Killing the Creator (part 9)

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Al and I were seated on either side of my bed in the cheap hotel room we’d rented about an hour or two ago, contemplating the murder of the Creator. Between us was a notebook with notes detailing a classic break-in murder, all crossed out.

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Optimism? Pessimism? Realism.

‘Optimism is a scam. It’s realism that gets you through life,’ I typed out my WhatsApp status, finally wording one of my unconventional beliefs.

Today, I’m gonna talk about that WhatsApp status. Numerous speakers talk about optimism, the power of positive thinking, et cetera, et cetera. Many of them pose that classic (which is to say, cliched) ‘Is the glass of water half empty or half full?’ question to their audience, holding up said glass for the whole room to ponder about.

First of all, let me add as a disclaimer, I’m not saying optimism is a bad thing. How can thinking positively be bad? All I’m saying is that it’s impractical.

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