The autobiography of my right hand

It is an irrefutable fact that all the world’s left hands are decidedly lazier than us right hands. After all, 90% of all humans are right-handed.We right hands are always at work, assisting our owners through their daily life, while those good-for-nothing left hands just hang there at the end of the left arm, sleeping all day. According to me, ambidextrous people are the best sort, because they have no dominant hand and both the hands have to work equally. Unfortunately, they make up a paltry 1 percent of the total human population.

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Bungalow of Nightmares

Warning: Not for children under the age of 13.

April 27, 1990

“Don’t go anywhere, Ann. I’ll be right back,” the tall, tanned man with a mustache says to his chubby five-year-old daughter. The little girl nods obediently and sits on the park bench, her short legs dangling a foot off the ground. Her father, on his small girl’s request, goes to get an ice-cream for her from the ice-cream man.

“A double-strawberry cone, please,” he says to the pudgy vendor, remembering his daughter’s fondness for everything pink. Beaming, he returns to the bench where his daughter was sitting, the delicious-looking ice-cream with a cherry atop it held firmly in his rough hand.

The smile quickly turns upside-down. The ice-cream melts in the blazing sun, leaving a pink puddle near the man’s shoes.

The bench is empty. 

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I wandered lonely as I came out loud -by William Fartsworth

Hello there, people! I present to you- my first parody! This parody, as most of you might’ve guessed, is based on William Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ which some of you might’ve read in school. You can also read the original poem here-


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Greetings and salutations, audience!

My name is Anisha, I’m a teenager and this blog is basically going to be my online notebook. So I’m not going to be monotonous and stick to one type of writing; instead, I’m going to do a variety of things. Sometimes you’ll see a poem, a short story or an article written by me. Other times it’ll be humorous parodies of other poets’ or writers’ work.

Disclaimer: The parodies are in no way intended to disrespect other authors or their work. The authors own all the rights over their original work. I, being an amateur writer myself, understand the mentality of other writers, and am not aiming to mock them in any way. The parodies are just meant to make you guys laugh, and thus intended for recreational purposes only.

All the poems, parodies, stories and other written material on this blog are my copyright and may not be copied, distributed, reproduced or exploited in any way whatsoever without my permission. Remember, plagiarism is a punishable offence.

With the intro and disclaimer in place, let’s kick-start this fantastic journey of ours!