The Lone Star

Chairete, oi philoi! Today it’s an original poem by me, describing the lessons a single star in the night sky can teach us.

A single point of light

Glowing in the dark night

Its million brothers dimmed by the city lights

But it keeps on burning

Like the last ember left in the fireplace of night.

A group of giant Cyclopes lives at the world’s edge

All of them in a deep slumber

But one is awake,

Beaming down at us

Letting his single eye illuminate the sea of blackness.

The lone star, shining all by itself

Whispers words of comfort to the sorrowful,

Reassures the hopeless, makes them hopeful,

That, however vast may darkness be

It can be dulled

Even by the tiniest point of light.

The lone star

Teaches us all a lesson

To always keep the spirit of virtue alive within

To remember, that a fleck of light

Is more prominent

Than an ocean of darkness.

To keep the fight within alive,

To boldly block the stones life throws at you

And tread upon them, and crush them,

And show it what you’re made of.

Be courageous and get up

Even when the ones around you have fallen,

Have given up, are broken beyond repair,

Be strong, like the lone star, defying all obstacles

March on, and let the world bathe in your light.

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