City Life

Hey guys! Okay, okay, don’t threaten to beat me with a brickbat now. I know I’m a week and a day late, and I sincerely apologize for that. I had my final exams, I got freedom on Saturday from them, I had gone out on a day-long trip yesterday and that’s why I couldn’t post in so long. But hey, I’m back now and I will be regular (when my exams aren’t going on).

So this one’s not actually deep-thought like the others, but it’s a poem with a message conveyed in a humorous form (at least, it’s intended to be that). I hope you guys like it. Here goes-

No one likes life in a city

I’m not saying I do,

But it’s rather a pity

When about its pros, they don’t have a clue.

They’d rather go and live on a hill

Or a pleasant countryside;

Somewhere they won’t get ill,

Somewhere they’ll see butterflies.

You don’t get WiFi on a hill, my dear,

Pizzas don’t get delivered in villages;

Your favourite songs, you can’t hear

As connecting takes a few ages.

Get up, dear child, leave home at five;

Your school’s ten miles away,

There’s no school bus, you’ll have to walk,

And come home another day.

What? You want to go to a shopping mall?

There’s no such thing as that;

For toys, you only have dung-balls,

And that remains the fact.

You can’t have a marshmallow-soft bed

Nor fancy, trendy dresses;

On your birthday, to you, no cake will be fed

No accessories for your tresses.

Milk the cows each Saturday morning

Feed them fodder so they grow fat,

They can pee on you without any warning

And you have to get used to that.

You ordered a smartphone on Amazon?

No, they don’t deliver here;

In the house there’s just one telephone,

That too with a broken rear.

In spite of all this, they say-

“Hills and vills are still better;

Cities have such polluted air,

They’re not where we would settle.”

They don’t like the city’s smoke, noise- those chinks,

I don’t either, I admit;

But have they ever stopped to think,

That it’s they who’ve ruined it?

The fault never was in the city,

‘Twas in the people who live in it,

The people, who, far from making it pretty

The people, who spoiled it.

If they go and live in the hills,

They will spoil them too,

Just the way the city was killed

The hills will die in agony too.

Get up, make the city a paradise;

A heaven, not a living hell,

And then, even without the countryside,

You’ll be able to live here well.

12 thoughts on “City Life

          1. was it that predictable?
            i usually don’t ask other’s to visit my blog. but i noticed that you’ve made a comment about grammatical issue on the other post, so i wondered if you could take a look at my sentences and see if there is any mistakes that need to be corrected i would appreciate it so much. because you know it’s kinda important for me.


                1. I read your latest post partly and I found that you don’t have grammatical errors; rather, punctuation errors. Capitalize the first letter of each sentence and each ‘I’, remember your commas but don’t use them unnecessarily, pay attention to those sneaky apostrophes. If the word you’re writing is plural (like
                  ‘There were many lions in the forest’) an apostrophe before ‘s’ isn’t required. If it’s in a possessive form (like ‘The deer was the lion’s dinner’), an apostrophe before or after ‘s’ is required, depending on the number of the noun. In your latest reply, though, I hate to point out a grammatical error- rather than ‘a thousands appreciations’, it should be either ‘a thousand appreciations’ or ‘thousands of appreciations’. The article ‘a’ is used with singular nouns, so ‘thousands’ actually contradicts that. Hope I was able to help! 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. you know, i used to work with office and it capitalize the first word of each sentence automatically but here it doesn’t, so …yeah!
                    and damn those sneaky apostrophes!!!
                    it’s funny that the very moment i hit the send option i realized that there is an extra “s” for thousand but unfortunately there wasn’t any edit option!
                    any way, i don’t know how to thank you for your generosity and kindness.
                    A million appreciations!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Don’t mention it. The blog is a community, where every blogger is a friend and should open their door if anyone knocks. That’s what I think, at least


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