10 Metaphors for life+ 10 followers celebration

Today I’ve reached a milestone- a small one, I admit, but important nevertheless. After all, millions of droplets together make an ocean.

Okay, hang self-control now – I’ve reached 10 followers! Yay!

I know how bloggers celebrate at huge milestones like a thousand or a million followers, but in my case that’s still a while away, so I’m having like a mini-party on this little blog of mine that has received so much love and appreciation from all you great people out there. A blogger is nothing without their followers and appreciators. So, I really want to thank all those people who used their precious time to read my writings and found it interesting. A sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone. The amount of gratitude I feel for all of you can’t possibly be expressed in words. But words are all I have, because unfortunately I’m not great at painting or singing or stuff like that ☺.

I hope I will be able to keep you entertained with my writings in the future as well, and I wish every one of you all the best for your respective blogs.

So, to celebrate this event, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before- make a list of all the metaphors I could think for you and your life. Here we go:

  1. Your life is a book and you are the author
  2. Your life is a dish and you are the chef
  3. Your life is a plane and you are the pilot
  4. Your life is a building and you are the architect
  5. Your life is furniture and you are the carpenter
  6. Your life is a lab and you are the scientist
  7. Your life is a piece of cloth and you are the weaver
  8. Your life is a painting and you are the artist
  9. Your life is a game and you are the player
  10. Your life is a kingdom and you are the king

They’re just random thoughts, really. If you have a metaphor that you thought of and didn’t see it mentioned here, feel free to leave it in the comments section. Also let me know which one was your favourite.

Thank you once again!

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