Murderer- a 100-word story

Before I start with the story, I must say it was a challenge in itself for me because my stories are never less than 1000 words long. I always get carried away while putting pen to paper and just go along with the flow. But seeing the abundance of flash fiction and 100-word stories on WordPress, not to mention their popularity, I decided to stretch those writing muscles and take the plunge in the sea of 100-word stories. Let’s hope my first lexiquintal (I made that word up myself; *pats herself on the back*) turns out well.

I wash my hands. Another murder, successfully accomplished. They all run away from me- now that they’ve learned to fear me. Hiding away in nooks and crannies, slipping behind curtains and doors. They tell their kids not to go near me- tell them I’m an insane slaughterer who will kill them at first sight. I simply smirk. Those inferior beings deserve to be slain.

They take away my blood, so I take away theirs. They live on my life source, so I destroy theirs. I slap my arm and murder another mosquito as it prepares to dine on my blood.

11 thoughts on “Murderer- a 100-word story

  1. Great story. I find 100-word stories to be a fun challenge for the writer to choose the words carefully for the story, like putting a puzzle together until all 100 words fit.

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