Dance of the waves

Yeah, I know I didn’t blog on Blog-day Sunday but calm down, I returned from my trip today and I honestly didn’t have even a spare minute yesterday. So without any further delay, let me introduce you to my latest poem, inspired by the waves at the rendezvous of two seas and an ocean at Kanyakumari, the bottom-most point of the Indian mainland. The said seas are the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea and the aforementioned ocean is the Indian Ocean. It’s a beautiful place which merits a visit. Don’t miss the Vivekananda Memorial if you ever happen to travel there. And yes, the image featured with this post was clicked by me at Kanyakumari.

Like a second sky descended upon the Earth

At the dawn of time,

The sea is the place of birth

Of the waves sublime.


Poseidon nurses them in his cradle

And then sends them out to play,

Where they grow as they paddle

To dance their life away.


The ocean acts as the stage

For the divine dance of the waves,

Where they run wild and uncaged

With the profound power that Neptune gave.


The white-crested birds swiftly fly

High and low; spreading their untarnished wings,

Soaring upon the earthly sky

As the mermaids welcome them and sing.


Like white lions they shake their manes and roar

Like horses and stags they prance,

First climbing up high, then dipping down low

Performing their heavenly dance.


As they crash on rocks, they jump up in glee

Embracing them with their foamy milk,

And then they flow down, hesistantly

Creating waterfalls of snowy silk.


Some glide further on to the cliffs

To lap like greedy, savage wolves,

At their feet, brown and stiff

And leave them dripping with their drool.


They bring underwater treasures

To encrust the sand and embed in the rocks,

Conches and seashells crammed into fissures

Looking like polychromatic flocks.


The sea breeze howls, gliding everywhere

Narrating distant tales of sailing ships,

Pirates, maelstroms- all laid bare

Told through the raconteur’s windy lips.


The ocean sends waves

Not in fury, but in magnanimity,

To let us behold their pirouttes

And drown us in their beauty.







5 thoughts on “Dance of the waves

  1. I really enjoyed the vivid imagery that you portrayed with your eloquent usage of words. Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem. Like you I too am passionate towards poetry according to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them πŸ™‚

    Warm Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

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