Writer’s Block-A Conversation with my brain

Me: So it’s blog-day Sunday today, and I swear I’m gonna write something. No excuses.

My Brain: Oh yeah? What about the first chapter of Geography- Resources and Development?

Me: Alright. I’ll write a haiku. It won’t take much time.

My Brain: Don’t kid yourself. You’ve never written a haiku before.

Me: That doesn’t mean I can’t. Give me something, Brain.

My Brain: Well… let me see.

Fly buzzin’ ’round mah head

The sun blazin’ down on earth

My mind is blank.

Me: What hogwash is this? It’s not even a haiku. What’re you doing sounding like Migos saying stupid words like ‘mah’? Technically, it’s not even a word. And do you have a problem with the letter ‘g’? Why can’t you just say ‘buzzing’ and ‘blazing’? And you can’t omit ‘the’ before earth just to ensure 7 syllables. Talking of syllables, the last line doesn’t even have 5 syllables.

My Brain: Well, can you do better?

Me: You’re the one that does the thinking, idiot.

My Brain: I have an idea. Why don’t you search WordPress for one of those writing challenges where they give you 5 words and you have to write a story around them?

Me: Good idea. *Browses through writing challenges* Okay, here you go- mug, rain, cat, flower and clouds.

My Brain: Hmm… interesting. Alright, I have it.

Me: It better be good this time.

My Brain: The cat with pink-and-orange streaks-

Me: No cat has pink-and-orange streaks.

My Brain: Pfft. A child painted it. Where’s your imagination?

Me: Fine. Go on, Wrinkles.

My Brain: Hey! I do not-

Me: You do. Now go on.

My Brain: The cat with pink-and-orange streaks lapped up the rainwater that had collected in the mug-

Me: Wait. Now you’re contradicting yourself. You said a child painted the cat.

My Brain: So I did.

Me: So how can a painting of a cat lap up rainwater from a mug?

My Brain: Did I say it was a painting?

Me: Sure you did.

My Brain: No, I said a child painted it.

Me: Aren’t those two the same things?

My Brain: What I meant was, you little klutz, that the child painted his actual, living cat with pink-and-orange streaks.

Me: *Facepalms* What an unpredictable dunce you are. So how does this ridiculous story of yours continue?

My Brain: She spat the water up at the clouds and a flower bloomed in the sky.

Me: Is that it?

My Brain: Yes. End of story. Oh, and thank me later.

Me: Are you sure you’re my brain and not some 3-year-old’s?

My Brain: Sure as there is water in the Pacific Ocean.

Me: And which type of water does the Pacific Ocean have? Just for confirmation, you know.

My Brain: Oh well, freshwater, I guess.

Image Courtesy: Oxford Dictionaries

18 thoughts on “Writer’s Block-A Conversation with my brain

  1. That was funny! I struggle with a similar problem. It seems I spend a ton of time trying to find interesting stories…. then ‘trying’ to not blurt out the entire story within five sentences. I’m hoping to figure out a way to more quickly find topics to write about. Right now my brain generally tells me “good-luck writing that one up.”

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Gaston! You’re quite different from me in that way- I try not to end up writing 3000 words every time I write, because stories that long usually don’t hold the reader’s attention. That’s why I’m doing Through the Woods as a series here. But you’re similar to me in the way that both our brains are amazingly unhelpful when the dreaded Block sets in.


      1. Also i have been struggling on and off with writer’s block for a while now so feels even more relevant but like the direction your post takes in terms of the encouragements to try different types of writing – i might use that…

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  2. Ah! Motivation to write blog posts can sometimes be quite elusive, right?
    I struggle with that a lot, even though I love writing. There are so many distractions… books, tv shows, social media…

    But I too have similar conversations with my brain!

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    1. You’re right! Everyone struggles with writer’s block now or then, and even if you don’t have writer’s block, merely taking the initiative to write can be a challenge amid the farrago of distractions.


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