Not losers, nor the toppers confident- by Villain Examfear

Greetings, readers! As my pre-mid term exams are starting from tomorrow, here’s a parody of William Shakespeare’s  55th sonnet, ‘Not marble, nor the Gilded Monuments‘. Enjoy!

Not losers, nor the toppers confident

Giving this exam, shall have an easy time,

And my red crosses shall shine brighter in these documents

Than answer books, besmeared with inky grime.


When tricky questions shall minds overturn

And marks root out the work of studentry,

Nor Einstein his brain nor Athena’s quick wit shall learn

The actual answers of this questionarry.


‘Gainst wrong and oblivious to the correct answer key

Shall my pen pace forth, your marks will not find room

Even in the eyes of CBSE*

That wears the students out to the ending doom.


So, till the results that term-end shall arise

You’ve got full marks, live in this fake paradise.

* Central Board of Secondary Education, the Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India.

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12 thoughts on “Not losers, nor the toppers confident- by Villain Examfear

    1. You’re in the right place at the right time! Boards- everyone’s been hammering it into my head now. My conversations with new people usually go like this-
      “What class are you in, child?”
      “I’m in class 10.”
      “Oh you have your boards this year.”
      *Gives a half-frown half-smile expression and nods*
      But what I really wanna say is this- “Oh I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me” And roll my eyes. I’m totally exasperated- it amazes me sometimes, how annoyingly dumb people can get.


      1. Its like, how funny is that you feel the need to remind of boards. Like you think I dont get that from ALL MY TEACHERS SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF ME ALL THE TIME. AND MY PARENTS. AND ME. Lije; thank you (probably aunty), I just forgot for a second I have boards.

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