Eyes of God

Hey guys! Yes, I’m still here- I haven’t abandoned my blog if that’s what you were thinking. Then why has it been almost a month since I wrote, you ask? I’d love to say I was chilling off to let my brain relax and reboot so that it could come up with more awesome ideas to write about. That I’d taken a ‘Writing Vacation’, if you will, to help my writing. Truth is, writing wasn’t even on my mind. I last blogged on November 7 (TTW part 11) and let me tell you what happened after that. I’d love to tell the whole story in detail, but then you’ll probably get bored. So here’s a short version- from 8-12 November I was at my naani’s (maternal grandma’s) place because my maama (maternal uncle) was getting married. For non-Indians, Indian weddings aren’t a simple one-day affair- no sir, you aren’t husband and wife until a lot of rituals have been completed. From 12-22 November, I was down with dengue. From 24 Nov- 1 Dec, I had my post-midterm exams. And today you have it- the day I blog on- Sunday.

There you go. Now let’s move on to the stuff you come here for- literary pieces. Here’s one-

God has two eyes, just like us

Which he uses to watch over the world

The only differences are- that they’re enormous

And differently coloured.


One is the sun, the other, the moon

Each keeping watch on its side of the world

As half of it’s dark and half of it’s bright

Moon goes blind in the day, the sun at night.


On winter mornings, when there’s a chill in the air

God takes longer to wake from his deep slumber

And thus opens his eyes late

Comfortable, as he was in his blanket of cosmic fabric.


Against the dreary playground of the sky,

The sun is a smooth orange ball

Neither resting nor moving- just always there

Like some child’s abandoned toy.


A deeper shade of vermillion

Colours the underneath of the sun

As if it had seen its beloved

And was trying not to blush, but did.


The Christmas ornament hangs in the sky

Suspended by invisible threads

Unmoving, even in the strongest winds,

Adorning the bleary, lifeless heavens.


But if you look at it and walk

It seems to follow like a dog

Because remember, it’s still the eye of God

Watching everything you do.


Image courtesy: Shutterstock


21 thoughts on “Eyes of God

  1. Nice imagery and i’ll grant you the poetic ‘licence’, but the logician in me wants to point out that every 29 days or so God goes ‘cross-eyed’, as the darker one covers the Brighter one! (Or at least it appears to from down here on little old Earth. 😉 🌘 ☀️

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  2. I wish I could partake in one of those Indian weddings, because of all the people telling me about what a production it is. But then I realize, that I would probably be exhausted by day 2.

    Your poem was absolutely fantastic. Loved it!

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    1. Oh yes. You would be. Even Indians become exhausted but the happiness and the environment keeps on fuelling us. And then when it all ends, boy, we sleep like we’ve been awake all our life.
      Thank you so much for your kind words!

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    1. Haanji, 100% made in India. The blog name is a spin on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, my first favourite book.
      Thank you for reading and leaving your kind words on my little space!


    1. Thanks! Oh *waves hand* of course I don’t mind. But I do mind the fact that it was actually on 1st November, when I was on leave, while my teacher had told me that it was on 2nd. And I had to sit in class all day, looking like an idiot because of course I hadn’t brought any books. I was in a sour mood all day, spoke even less than I usually do, and I poured my heart out in two poems which I wrote in a fit of rage as soon as I learnt that I’d missed it. I’d really been looking forward to it, and had memorised all my poems just to be on the safer side, and all that went to hell. So much for a competition.

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