And here we are

Here we are, on the day borders fall off

The day the world celebrates as one

Undivided by the mountains and oceans of differences

The day of the global festival,

When there’s no India-Pakistan or Russia-USA

Just the planet, drowned in happiness.

Here we are, on the day the dying year

Breathes its last

And says, “Take care of my child

It’s all yours now.”


Here we are, looking at the resolutions

We never fulfilled this year,

But still making new ones

Shamelessly, telling ourselves we’ll be good this time.


Amidst fireworks and music

And champagne (for those who’re allowed to drink)

The year has ended

And here we are.


Happy New Year, guys, gals, and everyone in between! Hope y’all fulfil the resolutions you make and here’s a little tip for that- don’t overaim. For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, don’t promise yourself a Victoria’s Secret Angel body straight away. Aim to lose say, 5-8 kilos. Then if you accomplish more than that, you’ll be even happier. But if you set unrealistic goals, you’ll only be disappointed because it is not humanly possible to go from Melissa McCarthy to Heidi Klum in a year (no hate, Mel, you’re awesome). 

So that’s all I have for you today. See you next year!






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