What is darkness?

The absence of light, they say.

But it is not darkness which is the absence of light

It is light which is the absence of darkness.


What was before the beginning of time?

Darkness and chaos, not light.

Darkness is the mother of light;

Light is merely the fireflies in the valley

On a moonless night.


‘Light at the end of the tunnel’, they say,

Light is glorified and overvalued

Because you forget to enjoy the tunnel

To listen to the dark’s symphony

When your mind’s busy looking for light.


Why do we need the day to work,

And the night to sleep?

Because light shows you what’s around

Bathes you in the wonders of the world

While darkness shuts you out from it.


Yes, darkness shuts you out from the outside,

But it opens the more majestic gates

To the more magnificent world of the inside.


The mind reaches worlds, worlds

More expansive than this universe we live in

It talks to itself and goes deep,

Deep into the ocean of thoughts and rediscovers itself

With no sluttish light to distract it.


Not everyone who talks to himself is insane,

Not everyone who doesn’t is sane.


Light stifles the mind, it suffocates thoughts

It is the mythical reward at the end of the tunnel

It makes this false world materialise

It is the poison in your veins that keeps you complacent

And exiles you from the real world of your mind.


Darkness is the only antidote to this venom

The only key to unlock the inside’s door,

The only latch which opens the floodgates

And lets loose the torrent of thoughts.


Saying ‘blinding light’ is stating the obvious

Because light always blinds you to the wonders of the dark.


Once you experience darkness

And discover its wonders

You will never want to open your eyes

And be blinded by light again.

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