Tara had a psychic ability which was rare in Kliona. She was a dreambender. She could change people’s dreams for better or worse. But one day, a gentlemanly centaur came to her with an unusual request.

“I want you to merge my dream with reality, Miss Oneiro.”

“Tara, please. Mr Akinom, you know I can only change dreams.”

“So, change my dream. Change it into reality. I know it is not beyond your ability, Tara. With the right material, you can do it.”

“What makes you think I’ll do it?”

“Oh, you will, after you’ve listened to what I have to say.”


“More tsokolat, Idouloul,” said Tara, turning a knob on her spell apparatus.

“I think it’s enough for the spell, Tara.”

“It’s for me, dummy so that I feel better about doing something illegal.”

The centaur, Akinom, was standing opposite to Tara, his face concealed by the apparatus. His dream was in a bottle, waiting patiently. It was to be added last. Finally, Tara added it slowly to the completed rose-gold concoction, constantly stirring it with a technetium rod. Then she cupped the small crystal bowl and worked her magic.


Tara and Akinom found themselves in an undulating expanse of black snow. The weather was calm, like before a thunderstorm. The two suns looked bleak behind the lilac clouds.

They hurried through the snow and reached the cliff on whose edge the glass ball housing the Fate of Kliona perched precariously. An inch more and it would fall into the gorge below.

“Step lightly and be watchful, Tara. There are traps here which could endanger not only you but also the ball,” warned Akinom.

“Are you sure it’s me?”

“The angel in my dream said a dreamcatcher had to do it; so, it’s probably you.”

Tara trod carefully on the treacherous ground, keeping all her senses open for any tell-tale sign of a trap. Once she did step on a trap, but it thankfully gave her a long cut on the arm instead of moving the ball.

Finally, she reached it. She cupped her hands to pick it up, but it went right through. She tried again with the same result.

“Mr Akinom! It’s not working!” she called out to the centaur.

“Oh, I knew it. I should have brought all the dreambenders in Kliona. Damn it, damn it,” he grumbled loudly.

Tara racked her brain for a solution. They couldn’t very well bring all the Klionese dreambenders here. They were extremely hard to find because of their uncommonness. There had to be a simpler solution. There always was.

She paid attention to the word- Dreamcatcher. And then it struck her. Akinom had given her the dream and she’d made it real. Together, they’d caught it.

“Mr Akinom! You need to come here. We are the dreamcatcher together.”

Akinom was an old but agile centaur. It took him five minutes to get to the cliff’s edge. He nodded to Tara and they picked up the Fate of Kliona together.


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