Killing the creator (part 4)

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“Part 4? Why am I always the last one to know things?” Catch up now

“Oh yeah, I remember reading some stuff about fourth-wall awareness but I guess I just forgot about it after the beginning part.” Remember it now

“It’s been so effing long since you last posted, you little shit, that I’ve forgotten what happened.” Truly, I’m sorry, but drink your anger and click here

“I’m all caught up. Come to mama/papa, latest part.” 

“What? What’s happened to Rennie?”

“Dude, seriously. Just come to Rennie’s place.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be there.”

I open my garage up and take the zorb out. It’s a huge plastic bubble with seating and controls inside, with tiny transparent solar cells all over its curved surface. I press the button on its key card and a curved door slides open, admitting me inside. I go in, shut the door and put the key card in its slot on the control panel, the red bulb on its silver surface lighting up. I put on the helmet which is connected by two cables to the two sockets beside the location screen. I settle into the soft blue seat in front of the control panel and think about turning the zorb’s surface opaque. It instantly changes to an off-white, with the exception of the windshield area in front of me. By recording my brain activity, the zorb steers itself to Rennie’s house.

Parking the zorb in her backyard, I run to the front door and ring the bell. A solemn-looking Mrs Whittaker opens it.

“What’s wrong, Mrs Whittaker?” I ask the woman who looks nothing like her daughter except for her green-grey eyes.

She doesn’t reply. She just stands to the side to let me in and closes the door as soon as I enter. Al’s inside too.

“Al, what is all this?”

“See for yourself.” He leads me inside Rennie’s room.

“What the…” Her room is clean, except for the centre. There’s a crude circle made of salt in the centre, a few knives scattered around it and a lot of candles with empty matchboxes and burnt-out matches by their side. A brown envelope which carries a letter sits inside the salt circle. It’s addressed to me.

I pick it up and take out the neatly folded letter. After quickly scanning it, I take a step back, horrified. “Oh my dear fucking god.”

Al nods slowly.

I collapse on the floor, one hand clutching the letter, the other one holding my head. Predictably, I cry.

Dear Spruce,

Remember when I once told you about this pagan ritual called the ‘Midnight man’? And how both of us laughed it off as a silly kids’ story? Well, like many other things, that’s not how it is. 

I performed the ritual. And I tried to kill the midnight man. That’s something that wasn’t mentioned in the rules, but I did it because of a short line of reasoning I came up with. Of course, I didn’t get him. My reasoning turned out to be true. I said the code from that Korean elevator thing- 4-2-6-2-10-5 – and I was taken to the real world. The midnight man tried to kill me there, but before that, I blurted out my dying wish. 

And he did fulfil it. In exchange for my sanity and my memories, he gave me a labradorite crystal that will take you to the real world, where the creator lives. I bargained with him to let me keep my brains for five more minutes so that I could write this letter. The labradorite crystal is on my desk. Hold it in your hand and you’ll be taken to the real world. Just remember not to lose it. 

I have done this for a reason. I have done this because you need to kill the creator. 

Goodbye, Spruce. 



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