Faces in a crowd

A sea of souls

Progressing languidly,

Honey tipped from a bottle.

I am but a drop in this sea,

A face in the crowd to everyone else

Like everyone is to me.

Faces in the crowd,

Imprinted in my eyes

For an unmeasurable second.

Faces in the crowd,

Each with a story, a life

Vivid as the colours of the rainbow.

Faces in the crowd,

Something unworthy of pondering on,

Something ignored the moment

The eyes ignore them.

But are those stories so worthless,

So discardable, so as to remain unknown?

Faces in a crowd,

Filtering through the sieves of memory.

Faces in a crowd,

Each life a canvas, a tapestry,

Painted in uncountable hues,

Hues incomprehensible

By the colour-blind brain.

Faces in a crowd,

A mystery we never try to solve

Possible remnants of a forgotten past life

Their stories masked


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