Fanny who?

This flash fiction piece has been written in response to Carrot Ranch’s July 19 challenge.

All of them call the old Japanese woman by the lake crazy. But she’s the only one who knows the truth.

They say Fannie Hooe was the daughter in law of an officer at Fort Wilkins who disappeared mysteriously, either eaten by a bear or abducted by a tribal.

But only she knows the truth. Fannie was a Jorogumo- a shape-shifting spider from Japanese folklore, who’d turn into a seductress and lure young men to the lake, playing her flute before drowning and dining on them.

No one believes the old Japanese woman, who used to be her teacher.

20 thoughts on “Fanny who?

    1. Thank you, Goldy! But honestly, I wasn’t planning on continuing it since I already have Killing the creator going on (and the bigger reason being that I don’t know how to continue it😛)
      But thanks for reading!

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    1. I’m into mythology as a whole, so I can recommend a channel to you for that. Watch the mythology playlist on Crash Course.
      As for the Jorogumo, I first came across it a few years back in a magazine called Tinkle, and it occurred to me to use it here.
      P.S. I don’t mean to be pushy but what are your thoughts on that collab?


    1. As a mythology buff, I love reading about these things and I’d come across the Jorogumo in a magazine some years back.
      I’d never looked it up on Google images until now, but did just a minute ago. I assume you’re referring to the image that led to a Wikipedia page, and it is indeed beautiful.
      Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed my piece.

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      1. The one that looks like a traditional print – yes.
        Continued success in your writing. I’ve been at this writing ‘gig’ for a long time 😉
        An uncompinsated (not paid) professional 🙂

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