Should I stay or should I go?

If you’ve watched Stranger Things, you’d have grinned at the title. And nodded at the last sentence. And smirked at the last. And- okay, I need to stop doing this, because the title’s not really the question I wanted to ask.

As you’d have guessed by now, the title was meant to grab your attention. Clickbait, you might say undiplomatically. But wait, don’t click off just yet, because this post is not the load of crock it’s appearing to be at this moment.

Am I early or am I late?- that’s the question I was meaning to ask you, and you can now see the parallel I attempted to draw. That’s for you to decide (since it’s Friday and I post on Sundays, and I didn’t post last Sunday, for the uninitiated).

Thing is, there’s a website called (no comments on that name; you’ll see why). It hosts a biannual International Short Story Contest in the Junior and Senior categories, and I decided to try my luck and enter one of my stories in it. I didn’t win- no, nothing so glorious as that (unlike the International poetry contest hosted by Small but mighty writers that I actually won – scroll down until you reach ‘Poetry’ under ’12-15 competition winners and runners-up’). But I got published in the ‘Outstanding Stories’ section. Not glorious, as I said, but pretty cool, eh? So, yay for me! I don’t think they allow you to post that story anywhere else again, so here’s the link to it if you’d like to read it. Any comments on the story are most welcome here.

I actually wrote this story in my English exam last year when we were given the prompt ‘It was a pleasant morning when I was sitting in my lawn and sipping coffee from my cup. Suddenly, I heard a voice which sounded quite familiar; I turned around…’ and then told to continue it. Story-writing is one of those long writing tasks that’s worth 10 marks. The word limit was 200-250 words, and of course, I got carried away and lost one mark for straying miles beyond the word limit. My English teacher really liked the story, though- said she couldn’t stop reading it even though it was ‘too long’. I was flattered, as one might expect. After some days, she told me she even narrated it to a section of class IX and they were all listening with rapt attention, that class of your typical unruly 14-year-olds, not one child spoke, and said they loved the story and were all praises. They begged her to tell them who wrote it, but she didn’t, for reasons unknown to me. I almost jumped with joy at that. If you’re a writer, you know how I felt. That, I can safely say, was one of the best moments of my life.

I’m sorry if this post felt like bragging. But, where are you supposed to brag about your writing-related achievements if not where you write?

And remember, in spite of all the unliterary stuff I said above, I’ve still given you a story to read.

11 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. Congrats!! Omg after just reading this post I feel like I know you. Will definitely check some of your other posts out after I finish school this arvo!

    Liked by 1 person

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