The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Reading the Harry Potter books is a rite of passage for a reader. Learning to play the F chord is a rite of passage for a guitarist. Similarly, receiving a second award of the same kind is a rite of passage for a blogger.

In my opinion, at least.

So, today is the day I walk through the fire with the Sunshine Blogger Award (pun intended). Today is the day I complete that rite of passage and become a mildly recognised blogger. Today, my friends, I am promoted from an undergraduate to a major (pardon the academic lingo).

*Throws imaginary black hat in the air* *Smugly bathes in imaginary applause from an imaginary audience*

I’m really grateful to Meher from The Scribblings for conferring upon me my first ‘second award’ and making it possible for me to pass this rite.

Now, on to the formalities:


  1. Thank the person/persons that nominated you and make sure to link your response back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator gave you.
  3. Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  4. List the rules and display the award.

Answers to Meher’s Questions:

  • What do you think is the best part of being a blogger?

You get disciplined. You write more often. And you display your stuff in front of the whole world, and that requires some amount of courage. It proves you have faith in yourself and your writing. And of course, you receive opinions from people who write themselves. Every like, every comment, every follower on WordPress is a well-earned one because they’re a person who’re themselves a blogger and their opinion matters because they’re able to look at writing with a more critical eye.

  • Which bloggers inspire you (if any)? Do you have any favourite blogs yet?

I could be cheesy and say the whole WordPress community is inspirational. But I’ll not. It is supportive, no doubt about it, but not all of it is inspirational. Not all blogs are about things that one likes, and that’s alright because if all blogs were of the same kind, it’d be boring.

I follow blogs for a reason. I like and comment on posts for a reason. I don’t know about other people, but I do those things only when I like the content of a blog. It’s not like I’ll follow a blogger just because they followed me. So, long story short, I like all the blogs I follow. But, having said that, there are some favourite blogs of mine but I don’t want to offend anyone, so I’m not gonna list them here. I know how it feels when you’re reading through that list on somebody’s site, looking for your name, and then it seems they’ve listed everybody’s name except yours.

  • If you could spend a day in any one book/ movie, which one would it be?

Now that’s a thinker. There are so many- I just can’t choose one. Ugh. Fangirl problems.

But I have a solution. If I spent a day, I’ll want to come back there again, and according to the question, I have just the one day, so I should choose something where I’ll be satisfied in a day. In that case, I’ll go with the Hunger Games. Aren’t I a genius? *Grins goofily and pats self on the back*

  • Did you have any notions about blogging before you yourself started to blog?

Yes. I thought it was inhumanly hard to get readers, and that you had to blog every day or at least every alternate day otherwise you’d lose all of them.

  • What would be your top two tips for successful blogging?
  1. It all boils down to content. So, focus on it.
  2. Bug your friends to follow your blog. (Just kidding- go to other blogs both to enjoy their stuff and learn from them and also to subtly market yourself.)
  • Are you a full-time blogger? If not then, would you like to be one in the future?

No, and no. I’d like to be a writer, and simultaneously maintain this blog a bit on the side, but I don’t think full-time blogging is for me.

  • Look around the place you’re answering this question at. What’s your favourite thing from the place?

My bookshelf.

  • Do you think that engaging with others’ posts is as important as posting regularly? Why or why not?

Yes. See brackets in point two of the ‘two tips for successful blogging’ question.

  • What’s your dream place to be at? (It can be any place, real or fictional.)

Places. It’s too hard to choose from all of them. For the sake of this question, I’m gonna tell you one real and one fictional place. The real place is Greece (any fellow philhellenes here?) and the fictional place is Hogwarts. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I won’t like to be at Camp Half-Blood or Narnia or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children or the world of the Fairy People in ‘Artemis Fowl’ or Valhalla or that world of Philip Pullman’s with Dust and parallel universes and stuff.

  • What is/was your favourite subject to study at school?


  • Is there any subject you would like to add to the school’s curriculum?

Not any subject, per se, but in Indian schools, we have designated Science, Commerce and Humanities (also Vocational in some schools) streams that a student has to choose in class 11. It’s like you’re putting kids in boxes- a person who likes Chemistry can’t like History and has to like Mathematics. Instead of all this, there should be just one DIY stream where you can choose the subjects you want to study. And the icing on top of the cake would be if novel subjects like Mythology, Literature (not just the ‘English’ we presently have ), Astronomy, Quantum Physics, Particle Physics (where you don’t necessarily have to focus on Classical Mechanics) and languages like Greek (there goes my Greece-obsessed brain again) were provided as well.

Questions for the nominees:

  1. Name one thing unique to your country that you’re proud of and why.
  2. Would you rather read a Sci-fi or a medieval fantasy?
  3. What’s the best quote you’ve come up with so far?
  4. Do you have any life mottos that you abide by? If yes, what are they?
  5. If you could bring back one dead person to life, who would it be?
  6. Name a famous person you’d like to go on a date with.
  7. If you could be omnipotent for a day, what would you do? (And no, you can’t wish to be omnipotent forever, all you Chandlers)
  8. List some things you want to do before you die.
  9. Would you rather be able to read minds or to control time? Why?
  10. Does blogging ever feel like a burden to you?
  11. What’s your favourite kind of weather?

And the nominees are…

    1. Tanushka -One of my best friends on WordPress.
    2. The Loyal Brit Wit– It still amazes me how someone can write a poem/story every. single day.
    3. Songs from the River– The beautiful blog name is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it?
    4. The Wormhole Less Travelled Hands down, the most underrated blog on WordPress.
    5. The light behind the Cloud– Poems, stories, and even artwork!
    6. Bluebell for a while– She writes stories, poems and even gives song suggestions!
    7. Chelsea Ann Owens– She writes everything- stories, poems, book reviews, inspirational quotes, articles- you name it.
    8. The Poetic Elixir – No prizes for guessing- she writes wonderful, beautiful poetry.
    9. The tale of an unlikely warrior– A teen blogger who writes stories, poems, and a serialised story after which she’s named her blog.
    10. BUNner Booky– Does book reviews. Has some really good suggestions you should check out.
    11. Passion and Chaos- In her own words, short stories with reoccurring characters, visual art and some of her own unique experiences & perceptions on life, passion and chaos.

Please don’t feel left out if you don’t see your name here. It’s just that, I had to nominate 11 bloggers and I might not have remembered you as it’s late in the night when I’m writing this post and thus looking to quickly finish it. If indeed I like your blog and forgot it this time, I will surely nominate you the next time.

Once again, thank you, Meher!

22 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

  1. Hey!❤️ Loads of love and your words for my blog immediately made me smile brighter and brighter. Thank you for the nomination and congratulations.❤️
    Let the sun keep shining in your beautiful lawn.💛

    Liked by 1 person

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