Hundred-worders were never my thing until I joined WordPress. Then, I wrote a couple of them. Now, with two participations in Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge, (including this one), my formerly practically non-existent mini-fiction skills are getting some exercise. And the added benefit is that I’m blogging today although I have a Maths exam tomorrow. So, here we go:

“Where are mommy and daddy, Didi?” Divya’s chubby little three-year-old sister asked her. “They’ll be with us soon, baby. Go to sleep,” she said, looking through the leaves at the bloodied corpses of her parents shot down by Muslims a hundred yards away.

On the other side of the newly-formed border, Asif did the same, cursing the Hindus, while the carnage continued. The throat of another man in a blue kurta was slit before his very eyes as he continued watching. Two children, separated by a border and a god, wept while the two nations continued their sanguineous parade.

7 thoughts on “Parade

    1. Thanks, Charli! Initially, I’d thought about responding to this prompt with a futuristic story where all nations convene after WW 3 or something, but then I thought, why not explore the past this time? The horrors of the 1947 partition haven’t been forgotten yet, so it seemed like the perfect thing to write about.
      And thank you, my Maths exam went pretty well 🙂

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