The Voice of my blog- by Support Mypen

Yeah, yeah, I couldn’t find a good enough rhyme for ‘Walt Whitman’ that would also fit the theme of this parody, so, bear with me. But did you not read that properly? It’s a parody, folks! (That too after nine months, like my brain was pregnant with it and has finally birthed it today- get it? I’ll just see myself out).

Now the reason why I’ve decided to write a parody after such a long time is that I’ve completed a hundred posts on the Factory. *Shower of confetti* *Fountain of Appy Fizz since I’m not old enough for champagne* *Virtual applause which is the only kind I’ll get* You see that featured image, folks? That’s what it means.

This is my hundred-and-first post, and I wanted to do something which was both special and enjoyable (so a letter to my first-post self was out, which was my initial idea). Today I’ve parodied Walt Whitman’s ‘The Voice of the Rain‘, which is a wonderful poem (I mean, come on, it’s Walt Whitman) and which is also in our English textbook this year. You should go read it if you haven’t. Now, on to the parody:

And who art thou? said they to my amateur pen-power,

And I, normal to tell, gave them an answer, as here dictated:

I write Sundays on WordPress, said the voice of my vain,

The name of my blog is Charlie and the Cerebration Factory,

Cerebration, not Celebration, very different though they sound the same,

For its search engine optimization, on Google, you should probe,

And follow it through e-mail, or I’ll come for you, I warn,

And forever, week to week, give back life to my writing’s origin,

Promote, spread, and amplify it;

(Prolong, the life of my writing-space, and when I become famous,


Reck’d or unreck’d, I’ll mention you, I affirm).


This is what happens every time some poor soul happens to ask me about my writing- I’m always like ‘Log on to’ (imagine me saying this in an over-enthusiastic advertiser’s voice). And also, this is the post for this week, but in honour of my 100th post celebration and the approaching festival of lights, I have a surprise for you tomorrow, so do check back here (you’ve probably guessed what it is by now but whatever, let me play my little games).


4 thoughts on “The Voice of my blog- by Support Mypen

  1. I never noticed your blog’s name is not celebration! I am a terrible friend. I’m so sorry. Also, what a talent powerhouse you are, man. Congratulations on your 101st post. Forever waiting for more.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I want to be nice and say it’s okay, it’s a common mistake, but this came as a pretty unpleasant surprise- we’ve known each other quite a while, and I never thought you never noticed my blog name 🙁
      Moving on to more pleasant matters, thank you! Here’s to two talent powerhouses who may one day stop procrastinating and collaborate 🥂😅


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