OTT Liberalism and why I hate it

If you read the title of this post and went “Oh, just another dumb far-rightist spreading their idiotic propaganda”, then let me stop you right there. If you don’t wanna read this post, fine. But let me clarify just one thing- I am not a conservative. I am the very opposite of conservative. I’m a liberal. 

You know what else I’m not? A moron, which is a synonym for a far-leftist. Like, way out there far. Without going into mind-boggling political terminology too much, a far-leftist is a slinthead who’s much too woke for his or anyone else’s good. Or at least pretends to be. I’m talking about your “this is cultural appropriation”, “there needs to be a Black, an Asian, an LGBTQ+ person, and a hundred other goddamn communities in every creative work”, “you should have brown rice along with white and be inclusive” douchebags. Wow, my fingers just went numb from air-quoting.

Look, I get it. We’re all human beings, and we’re imperfect, and we do discriminate against people, and that’s wrong. We sometimes don’t respect diversity, and that’s wrong. And that should be changed.

You know what else is wrong? The way far-leftists approach this problem. All they do is, become annoying boring gits who can’t take jokes at all. People are getting offended by Friends, for heaven’s sake.

Before I elaborate further on this, I’d like to slip in a little about the double standards of society. I recently finished reading ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe, which is considered to be one of the finest works of African literature, and I didn’t like it. I managed to get through the book, and towards the end, it does get a little bit interesting when missionaries try to spread Christianity among African tribes, and that’s solely why I’d give it two stars out of five. Otherwise, it’s downright boring.

Apart from the fact that nothing really happens for most of the book and it reads like a Wikipedia page on African culture, it’s chock-full of misogyny. On Goodreads, I’ve seen people dismissing that glaring fact with the excuse that we’re used to Western literature, we don’t understand African culture, and that’s why we can’t criticise it. Maybe we don’t, but that’s no excuse for normalising such misogyny. And I’m not talking about casanova-type jokes about women, I’m talking about downright treating women as sub-human. When minority communities do it, it’s okay, but when the majority communities do it, it’s not? No one should be allowed to get away with hatred in the name of culture.

Coming back to my main point about the spreading epidemic of dullness, the reason why I hit upon this topic is a recent Superwoman video I watched and how well it resonated with my thoughts. In it, she makes fun of how easily people these days get offended because they’re too ‘woke’. Their parents and grandparents are left confused by their kids’ ‘wokeness’ and Superwoman, along with a collaborator, Jay Shetty, offers them a solution in the form of a lecture series that will make them ‘woke’ like their children.

I’d like to ask such ‘woke’ people, do you ever give a thought to whether the ‘communities’ you’re doing this for even like it? Do you think people like being treated in a different way just because of the colour of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation, whatever? All of us are human beings. No one likes to be treated in a different manner because that just makes them feel more excluded. Like there’s something wrong with them and you need to watch your mouth when you’re around them. Make fun of them, be frank with them just like you are with people who’re similar to you.

This ‘wokeness’ is, in fact, doing more harm than good. It’s doing just the opposite of what liberalism aims to achieve. It’s stifling creativity, censoring content and suffocating thoughts. It’s saying to people- “If you don’t do as I say, the far leftists will drag you down to hell, and nark, and <a hundred other names for hell in different languages to be inclusive>”. It’s turning into a kind of neo-conservatism.

Now, you might say, the reason why I’m finding something wrong with this approach is that it has become so normalised to make fun of communities that we refuse to find any faults with joking about them. Then, let me ask you, who created these communities? Who sorted human beings into neat little boxes like flavoured potato chips on a conveyer belt? If you’re a theist, was it God? If you’re an atheist, was it the natural laws of Physics? If you’re a Satan worshipper, was it Lucifer?

It was us. It is we who just refuse to accept that in spite of our amazing complicated diversity, we are all human beings. The same blood flows in our veins. The same brains produce wonderful, beautiful thoughts. The same kidneys filter our piss. In the insightful words of Imagine Dragons, ‘All around the world, we are one’. Individuality and diversity need to be respected, they’re what make this world colourful, but shouldn’t become an excuse to segregate people. You can’t make a painting if some colours are missing in your paint-box.

I’d like to see a world where we’re brave enough to joke. Where we’re cool enough and smart enough to make fun of ourselves and others. To laugh at how Indians cut up toothpaste tubes to get that extra bit of toothpaste out, how the eyes of Black people seem to glow in their heads, how badly White people mess up words from other languages, and how weird and wonderful in their own ways the more than a billion kinds of people in the world are.

10 thoughts on “OTT Liberalism and why I hate it

        1. That is a valid point. It slipped my mind when I replied to you earlier. You’re absolutely right. It is the story that makes or breaks a novel, not how diverse its characters are; although they might add freshness to the story and make it more interesting, content is king.

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  1. According to a recent poll, Americans are getting more resistant to political correctness. The pendulum swings back, it seems. Being woke all the time is bad for your circadian rhythms. Sometimes you gotta sleep! This is a poignant piece. Balance in all things is a good goal to strive towards. Going too far one way or another leads to misery.

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