Two years

Once I was seven years old,

A ball pen did I hold and

On a half-used notebook wrote a story

Once I was seven years old.


A lousy piece unfurled

Unhindered was my vigour,

Champak*-reading played its gimmicks

Wildlife was the winner,

A croc, a cat, a monkey

And I think it was a bear,

Of my creation I was proud

Showed it to family members


Once I was eleven years old

One of my stories got told it

Was printed in a children’s magazine

Once I was eleven years old.


‘Twas as if I’d struck gold

The milestone was a major,

My payment was a hundred rupees

But the feat was major.


Once I was a dozen years old I

Started writing my first book which

I thought about in class while studying geography,

Once I was a dozen years old.


It was my first long work,

It took me two whole years

Of course, first drafts are always shitty

I’ve got to make it better.


Once I was fourteen years old three

Months shy of fifteen I started

Charlie and the Cerebration Factory

Once I was fourteen years old.


It was a big blogosphere

I was putting my work out there,

Looking for people beyond my family

Who’d read my compositions,

It proved lucky for me,

Two months later I won a medal.


Soon I’ll be seventeen years old my

Factory’s two years old I

Hope I still behold it

Years later when I become an oldie

Now the Factory’s two whole years old.


*Champak is a popular Indian children’s magazine, which features stories with animal characters.


Friends, humans, aliens- it’s been two years. Two whole years since I started this blog which has too long a name and is always mispronounced as ‘Celebration’ by people who read its name for the first time. My blogversary was actually yesterday, but I wrote this today because- you guessed it- I couldn’t think of anything yesterday.

And for those of you who didn’t recognise the original song the above parody is based on- here you go. No offence, but I dunno what you’re doing if you haven’t listened to this at least once.

Oh, and we had cake-


-which gave an unintended cool abbreviation for Charlie and the Cerebration Factory, owing to its small size. C&C Fac- nice, isn’t it? Easier on the tongue too. Thank you, cake. (See, Goldy? I had a real cake this time).

So. That’s about it. Happy Birthday/Anniversary to C&C Fac. You can go back to studying, eating, pooping, fighting with your sibling or whatever it is you were doing before this.     Ze party’s over. *blows party horn and switches off the chandelier*






8 thoughts on “Two years

    1. Thanks for joining the party, M!
      Thing is, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the first book that acquired the tag of ‘my favourite book’. Before that, I’d read Enid Blyton and enjoyed it, but hadn’t yet chosen a favourite book. So that’s where ‘Charlie’ and ‘Factory’ came from.
      I replaced ‘chocolate’ with ‘cerebration’ because of course, mine’s not a chocolate-making one (though I would love for it to be that) but one with all my ideas. ‘Idea factory’ sounded tacky, so I looked for the perfect word. And then we found each other. *How deep is your love plays in the background*
      Unnecessary melodrama apart, cerebration is a rarely-used word which means ‘thinking’. It fit, and that’s the not-so-interesting story behind it.

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  1. I sung the song out loud while reading this at 2am. Was my family alarmed? Probably. But you see one needs to respect art.
    Happy two month blogversary! I’m so happy for you! It’s amazing how both of us started our blogs at around the same time. Mine’s in May. And honestly, your achievements are so inspiring. A complete draft at 14? God, you are goals. I am glad to have found a talented friend like you. Keep writing always, and keep posting it here, for the rest us’ sake (is us’ a word?) Anyway, i wish to be here to wish you for your 22nd blogversary too because you are a delight. I’m being very appreciative, very off brand i know, but honesty you deserve to hear it.
    P.s. – That ending was so cute, I’m definitely stealing it.

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    1. Haha! Who can resist singing along while reading the lyrics, right?
      I’m sure you meant two years and not two months😁
      Lot of people start their blogs in May, it seems. Another blogger (who’s also commented here) told me they have their blogversary in 3 months. Incidentally, my birthday’s in May too.
      Thank you thank you thank you so much. I’m honoured.
      P.s. I suggest you also pop a balloon with that to add some variety.

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  2. Woooooow! A personalized cake for your blogging anniversary? That’s so cool. Now I want one, too. *thinks of the flavors*

    CongratZ! Well done for sticking it out this long. It only feels like yesterday that I was a year old. And in 3 months I will be 2, too.

    And of course I knew the song right off the bat. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chocolate is an evergreen flavour. And oh, if you do buy a blueberry one like me, do check the gel-icing thingy on top. I dunno why, but mine came off whole like a layer of dried glue.

      That’s awesome. In three months I’ll be seventeen.

      Five points to Floating Gold.

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