Close your eyes and write a poem

Close your eyes and write a poem,

Because sights are beautiful

But god,

Look at the sounds.


Just once, write not about

The emerald hue of the leaves of that tree,

But how they rustle, some afraid, some boldly

Flirting with the wind

That caresses the canopy.

Let their viridian rhyme

Find tongue in your words.


Write not about how the silver rain

Falls like angelic tears

But how it pitter-patters;

Stilettoed elves dancing

To the baritone of heavenly lions.

Let their tiny feet tap

To the treble of your verses.


Write about chirpy chittering squirrels on a summer morning

Their shrill titter hopping on the stairs of childish symphony,


With the shier, softer squeaks

From the tiny throats of whistling sparrows.

Let their merry music merge

With the leaves of your lyric.


Write about the gurgling rush of water

Splashing out of hose pipes, flowing

In turbulent gushes;

The soft peals of a thousand tiny bells

Quenching the sighing soil.

Let their petrichor vocalisations

Immortalise in your ink.


Write not about the orange flames of the campfire,

But how it crackles, searing through the skin of the night,

Whose pain howls through wolves,

How the fire only laughs, clapping on helpless wood

Which cracks to its fiery burning song.

Let those chuckling embers

Burn in your poetry.


For once, just for once,

See the world through your ears,

Let your eyes rest; close them

And write a poem.


Happy Earth Day, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Close your eyes and write a poem

  1. In the first four lines, you say more than most writers can in a paragraph. For my own sanity, how on earth did you come up with the line “searing through the skin of the night”? That one tugs at me in a raw and incomprehensible way.
    Overall, as a student of poetry, this one should be read and remembered. And I don’t say that lightly.

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    1. Wow. Thank you so much, laoc0on. I am really, truly honoured by your words. You just made my day.
      As for ‘searing through the skin of the night’, I was thinking about a line that would convey the fire’s ‘evil laughter’, if you will, and also make one feel something (I didn’t really think about what that ‘something’ would be) strongly, and I quickly listed out the things fire can do in my head, and just like that, as good lines sometimes come, it came and I quickly wrote it down.


  2. I think I will close my eyes and write a poem. Here we go.

    Oh to be a malignant rose. It is not for me to say wher the hay bail blows. To fall, o crepeing shadow. Hither ther is the a dinner bdsod low low low lowe. Excovation in a ense of longind itude. Oblivion awaits. Oblivion for all.

    That was pretty fun. More people should try it!

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