The Raw Poetry Contest

People usually launch contests, awards and other such things of their own on a special occasion- like their blog’s or their own birthday. But I, like Lewis Carroll, am going to do so on my unbirthday instead. After all, you have 364 unbirthdays and only one birthday, like he so insightfully said.

You don’t need to be Sherlock to know that it is the Raw Poetry Contest I’m launching today.

But what is this Raw Poetry Contest thingamajig?

Good question. It is a contest on poetry that is raw.

Well, thank you, Captain Obvious.

Excellent point put forward by me-in-italics.

See, Raw Poetry is a concept I like to think I came up with when I wrote my last poem. Poetry is usually beautiful, which conveys something in a very polished and presentable manner, employing a host of literary devices. And don’t get me wrong- I love that traditional poetry. Why won’t I? If you’ve been sticking around here for a while, you know that I myself write it.

As much as traditional poetry is wonderful, though, I think it’s time to change things up a little bit. That’s where raw poetry comes in. It’s the very antithesis of traditional poetry. Raw poetry is rebellious, crass, in-your-face stuff which makes you uncomfortable. It gives you something without any coverings, in its rawest form. It makes you shift in your chair and want to call out for good ol’ traditional poetry, who has already hidden her face in shame like the grandma who sees photos of bikini models in newspapers and goes ‘what-has-this-world-come-to’.

Bear in mind, though, that neither is traditional poetry the grandma and nor is raw poetry the bikini model. It is only the embarrassment that traditional poetry feels that I’m drawing that parallel to.

If you want a clear personified picture, here’s one:


You can probably guess who’s who. If you want a sample, you may read Teenage Bathroom Stalls.

So yeah, that’s what this is all about. I’m inviting all of you to participate in this Raw Poetry Contest. Since this is rule-breaking poetry, there aren’t many rules but do keep in mind the few there are:

  1. Try not to write a ballad- keep your poetry up to 1000 words long. It’s not a strict word limit, and you won’t be disqualified if you use 50-60 words more, but please do not stretch it up to 1200 or something.
  2. As much as I hate deadlines, I’ll have to keep one. Submit your poem by 21st June 2019, 11:59 P.M. Indian Standard Time.
  3. You can submit a minimum of one and a maximum of three poems.
  4. It’s Raw Poetry, so cuss words are allowed but do remember that raw poetry is not just regular poetry with a ‘fuck’ squeezed into every line.

The contest is open to everyone, whether they’re a blogger or not. So, bloggers, do tell your non-blogger poet friends to participate.

You can submit your poem by writing it in the comments down below, by publishing a separate post, or by filling out this form– it’s up to you. Just remember to link back to this post if you publish a separate post so that I can know you’ve participated. You may or may not nominate other people when you participate- again up to you.

We’ll have a winner, a runner-up, and a second runner-up. The judgment for both blogger and non-blogger entries will be done together. Apart from me, there’ll be two judges to prevent any bias in the judgment. They’re two good friends of mine- Sagnik Sarkar and Ayushi Sood- who consider themselves unqualified to be judges but are actually wonderful critics.

Do participate, and happy writing to you!


29 thoughts on “The Raw Poetry Contest

  1. demon rapper’s flow

    the devil knows his trade,
    he knows—you’re God-made.
    he will trick you into believing,
    the world’s idols, he’s deceiving.
    don’t fall for the demon rapper’s con,
    all he wants—is for you to be gone.
    don’t go with the demon rapper’s flow,
    all he wants—is for you to blow—(it)!
    you are good, you have God’s love,
    that is why Jesus came from above,
    to bless me, to save you,
    and the children, too.

    By: ElRoy © 2018

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  2. A Thorn in My Heart

    I heard another knock on the door,
    So I opened it again.
    I was met by the icy stare of the Reaper;
    So I proceeded to let him in.

    Death took a seat next to Lucifer,
    By Heartbreak and Deceit.
    Now that all the demons are here,
    They’re ready to compete.

    First Heartbreak stands up,
    And splits open my scars.
    Then Deceit interrupts,
    To remind me, how she cheats.

    I offer up my forgiveness,
    And she falls down in defeat.
    Then a cloud of smoke arises,
    And when it clears, they’re all gone.

    I must now heal my wounds.
    But even though,
    I have won the battle for today;
    I know my next one’s not far-away.

    I just hope next time,
    I’ll remember,
    To look through the peep-hole,
    Before opening-wide that door!

    Concept By: Solomon © 2019 (edited by: ElRoy)

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  3. Here’s my submission : I wrote this to vent out thoughts that often keep up at night but could never bring myself to post it online! Ah well, here it is now.

    I called him gay
    Because he’d suggest me songs
    That I did not want to listen to
    And because he was annoying
    So, I decided to teach him a
    Ruining someone’s self-esteem
    Became a joke that still haunts
    Me at night
    I lay awake, counting stars that
    Never end
    Just like my perpetuating guilt

    When I was twelve & only a
    Novice at sexual terminologies
    I told a girl to put some cock
    In her vagina & make it bigger
    Because she annoyed me
    And I had to teach her a lesson

    All the lessons I taught
    Slowly gnaw at the edge of my conscience
    As my heart begins to rot
    I cry some times
    When no one’s watching
    I show people how tough I can be
    But deep inside cowardice
    Is the only truth about my life

    Gay. Cock. Vagina. Bigger.
    No, small; very small indeed
    I wish these words would leave
    My mind but they don’t
    I’m stuck in a loop
    Trapped between hoops
    Born with a judgemental spoon
    I was always the prick I hated most
    The truth tastes bitter
    Like medicine forced down
    Your throat
    I wanted control
    Now my eyes only hope
    To someday close
    Without flashbacks of those
    Who I’ve damaged before

    Do you know what it’s like to be a bully?
    You pay
    You pay with your time and energy and mental health and happiness
    You pay till the debt is paid and repaid and then start all over again
    And then you pay till guilt eats you alive
    You pay as you die
    Every day, every fucking night

    If only I thought twice, or at least once
    Before letting my words strike
    I didn’t
    They fell like needles from my tongue
    Without an ounce of emotion

    The reaons that make me write
    Are the hearts I broke countless times
    This is an ode to someone who deserves the happiest life
    An ode to someone who is a great friend
    An ode to a bully
    Who never found a release
    Until now.


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  5. Submitting via the comments 🙂
    Unfortunately my friend has exams that crept up on her, so it’s unlikely she’ll be able to submit anything :/ however, if you hold another contest in the future, do let me know! I’ll tell her ^ ^
    The poem is called “I wish” – and here it is:
    I wish you would make more effort
    To listen to me
    To not only look at me, but see me
    Notice me cry
    I wish you would make more effort
    To love me
    To say it when I can hear you
    I know I’m not worth much
    But surely I’m worth more than nothing?
    I wish you would make more effort
    To say nice things
    To not make hurtful jokes
    Because you’ve said so much in jest
    That hurt me more than you could imagine
    I wish you would make more effort
    All these things
    Unspoken words
    Casual insults
    They could have been the death of me
    And they could be prevented
    With just a little more care
    I wish you would make more effort.
    ~ Bluebell Rizzi

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    1. Thanks for your entry, Blue! It’s too bad your friend won’t be able to submit. Good luck to her for her exams, though. And don’t keep the fun to yourself- do tell your other friends about the contest 🙂

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