The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good: The deadline for The Raw Poetry Contest has been extended! Yes, people, you now have till 21st June 11:59 P.M. Indian Standard Time to submit your entries. Do not let this chance go unused- if you wanted to participate but couldn’t because of lack of time, here’s a bonus week for you. So, spam me with your poems.

The Bad: The bad news is for those of you who’ve already submitted. Nothing quite as terrible as a disqualification, no- only that you’ll have to wait longer for the results now that the deadline’s been extended. Sorry, folks- but anticipation makes it even more exciting, right? No? Ahem… do keep those brickbats inside.

The Ugly: The ugly is what I want. Now that’s a sentence most people never say. Thing is, many of the entries I’ve received till now are still kinda beautiful. I don’t want beautiful, folks- give me ugly and scarred who’s not afraid to slap me in the face.

The beautiful ones are those that do have scars, yes, but they’re hidden. They clearly have strength and a lot to say, but they’re kinda fragile and hiding their problems from the world. I want the ugly ones- who clearly have issues, and are taking it out on the world around them. Who are unapologetically flawed.

If you feel, after reading this, that your entry was too beautiful to be raw, you’re most welcome to edit and resubmit. Just be sure to mention that I should dismiss your previous entry and consider the latest one instead if you do that.

If you’re still confused, go back to the main contest post where I’ve explained the concept of raw poetry.

Happy writing, and good luck!

11 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. I somehow missed the original post, so thank you for extending the deadline. Let me see if I can fashion something before it lapses.

    Just went and submitted. Please let me know that you got it.

    Will all the entries be published?

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