Eleven Days: Day one

Reviews of any kind aren’t really my thing. I’ve been forced to write book reviews in my life, sure, but I don’t enjoy doing them. I don’t have any particular reason for that- some people don’t like writing them because they think they’re too snobbish, some people can’t find anything to say beyond the fact that they liked the book/movie/show/whatever or not- my aversion to writing reviews is not based on any of such grounds. And that is why I’ve never written a review of any kind over here.

But now, for the first time in my life, I want to write a review without any pressure from anybody.

Something has compelled me to write a review.

Something strange.

*cue Stranger Things’ theme music*

I am a huge Stranger Things fan. I watched seasons 1 and 2 back in 2017 when season 2 came out. There was a lot of buzz surrounding season 2, so naturally, I was driven by curiosity to watch it. And that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

After I finished watching them, like all other fans, I started waiting for season 3 desperately. And finally, this year, it was released on 4th of July, just like the USA years ago. (Bad history joke sorry).

And then, overflowing with anticipation, I watched episode 1.

And I was heartbroken.

What is this immature teen romance shit?

But of course I love Stranger Things, and so I watched on. Today, I’ve reached episode 5, and things had started to look better from episode 3. Whew.

After I watched episode 1 and 2 one after the other, I decided I couldn’t keep my thoughts about this to myself. So I thought, hey, why not do an episode-by-episode review of Stranger Things? But because I was so lazy busy, I’m starting this now, when I’ve watched more than half of the season. But don’t worry, I’ll be starting reviewing from episode 1 and not episode 5. And for reviewing the eight episodes one by one, I’ll give myself eleven days. Why eleven? If you had to ask that, that means you need to go and watch season 1 NOW.

Also, did anyone notice this season has eight episodes?

Eight? Kali?

Oh, come on people.

Episode 1, ‘Suzie, do you copy?’: The hook was intriguing. Russian scientists building a secret machine to open the gate? Hell yeah. And the theme music was nectar to my ears. Aah. Finally.

And then came Eleven and Mike making out. I mean, sure, they’re a major couple of the show, but kissing for, like, five minutes straight? That’s a bit much. I wasn’t a fan of the whole cute-couple-sneaking-off-to-make-out that ran through the entire episode either.



Show, whatever.

I missed the adventure, the mystery, and the thrill that are the show’s trademarks. Even if they had to show how character relationships developed between the seasons, they had a lot more to work with than giggly teen romances. Will’s friendship with the rest of the gang, for example. Poor guy spent the last two seasons being the Mind Flayer’s puppet.

The bits I liked were mostly the ones with Dustin in. I liked his welcome scene with the rest of the gang, I liked his radio tower and him trying to contact his concocted (?) girlfriend and intercepting a Russian communication in the process, and I liked his reunion with Steve. Honestly, Dustin and Steve is hands down the best character relationship on the show. I love their big brother-little brother bond. The romantic relationships I like are Nancy-Jonathan and Max-Lucas because they aren’t overdone. Mike and El’s relationship is stressed upon more than what is required and that takes away all of its charm. Robin was a promising new character.

And of course, the scene where Billy gets flayed.

It was nice to see Joyce finally sane again. Hopper’s fatherly reaction to El and Mike ‘not maintaining boundaries’ and asking Joyce for advice was enjoyable.

Also I liked Eleven better with a curly top. Anything longer than that doesn’t seem to suit her.





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