Eleven Days: Day two

Where I do an episode-by-episode review of Stranger Things Season 3. 

Episode 2, The Mall Rats: Finally, we get less of ‘Mileven’. Go Jim Hopper.

The focus on Max and Eleven’s relationship development was something refreshing, but it didn’t have to be so giggly. Being a teen girl myself, I’m pretty sure we don’t giggle that lot with our friends.

And we got our favourite science teacher back! I love any scene with Scott Clarke explaining stuff, so him explaining electromagnetism to Joyce (who ditched Hop for science class < insert frowny face here>) was interesting. Foreshadowing is never subtle in ST, but well, when you compare that with bursting rats, it was. Hey, I’m not criticising it- I don’t think anything’s wrong with that.

Nancy and Jonathan playing detectives was one of the highlights of the episode (not gonna say Nancy Drew because I hate those pricks at her office). Contrary to the teen couples, this couple is actually doing something. The rat at Mrs Driscoll’s bursting and turning into a demo(rat?) was pretty… ahem… let’s say graphic.

Also, I rechecked and found that Dustin and Steve’s reunion occurs in episode 2 and not 1, but since I’d watched them together, I didn’t remember correctly which event belonged to which episode, so I expounded upon how much I love their brotherly bond in the 1st episode’s review. Sorry about that.

Dustin, Steve and Robin made a good team. Brownie points to Robin for being multilingual and translating the recording. Also, Steve has grown a lot of brains between the seasons. Matching the ‘Daisy Bell’ background tune from the recording to the toy horse in the mall was a neat feat (rhyme unintended). I look forward to seeing more of their teamwork. They’re just so great together.

And finally, El did something. *Dramatic sigh of relief* What began as a juvenile spying game ended in a freakish scene with Billy sensing Eleven. Now that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.



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