Eleven Days: Day nine

Where I do an episode-by-episode review of Stranger Things season 3. 

Episode 5, ‘The Flayed’: Steve finally wins a fight. And that too against a Russian guard- hooray for him!

The Scoops gang discovers the Russians’ plans for opening the Gate after getting out of the elevator with a last-minute-placed glass vial full of green acid. But we still don’t know what they’re doing it for- I hope the show gives those answers at the end.

Nancy, Jonathan and the kids’ plan to release Mrs Driscoll from the hospital to find out where the Mind Flayer was building his army was a clever one and their encounter with the flayed at the hospital was fast-paced, tense and a good edge-of-the-seat ten or fifteen minutes. Though I have to say, those people from Nancy’s office liquefying and merging into the bigger monster was one of the most disgusting scenes ever.

Also, I didn’t expect Mike not to know the meaning of ‘extending the olive branch’. What kind of a nerd is he?

On the Hopper front, it was a humorous time with the adorable Russian scientist Alexei. I thoroughly enjoyed Joyce’s attempts to communicate with him and Hopper’s frustration at it. And Murray, the show’s official shipper, is back! After leading to Nanathan (that’s their ship name, right?) in season 2, I had no doubts he’d point out Jopper (?) in season 3.

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