Eleven Days: Day ten

Where I do an episode-by-episode review of Stranger Things season 3. 

Episode 7, ‘The Bite’: This episode was a blast. It was the most action-packed episode until now.

There were a couple of hoot-worthy moments in the episode, both of them courtesy of our dear Eleven- her fight with the Demogorgon in the cabin in the woods and her saving Dustin and gang from the Russians at the mall.

Her pulsing wound has made me worried, though- is it gonna give birth to a monster who’s resistant to El’s powers? That would suck very, very hard.

Superimposing character drama with action is a tactic many shows use, and it is one which works well for Stranger Things. Mike telling El ‘blank makes you crazy’ is the first time I’ve liked ‘Mileven’ in this season. Also, Murray telling Joyce and Hopper to kiss each other already is reminiscent of his meet-up with Nancy and Jonathan in season 2 where they do hook up at his place. The first time Murray appeared in this season, I had a feeling he was going to do the same with Joyce and Hopper. Alexei was an adorable character, and his death saddened me almost as much as Bob’s did in season 2.

Another potential romance this episode confronted (and threw out the window) was Steve and Robin. Robin coming out felt forced, to be honest- it was like the makers didn’t want too many romantic relationships, and so they had to find an excuse to not bring Steve and Robin together, and Robin being a lesbian was the easiest way out.

The festive vibe of Mayor Kline’s Fun Fair was juxtapositioned nicely with the serious matter of Joyce and Hopper trying to escape the Russians. I especially liked the part with Hopper in the mirror maze.

Apart from the action, this episode also made me laugh out loud- Dustin playing dad to drugged Steve and Robin, drugged Steve and Robin, Murray with Joyce and Hopper in the car.

The episode ended with Dustin and gang meeting up with Eleven and gang. It’s only a matter of time before Joyce, Hopper and Murray meet up with the kids and their investigations converge. The only thing left to see is the big fight, and what happens to El’s wound. I hope we’ll also get to know why the Russians wanted to open the gate by the end of the season finale.

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