In The Defence of Fairweather Friends

As I reblog this brilliant post, WordPress says to me ‘Add your thoughts’. Thing is, I’ve already added my thoughts in the comments section of Tanushka’s blog and it would be redundant to copy-paste them here, so if you do want to read my thoughts, head on over to her comments section. But I doubt you’ll be needing them after reading her post.

That Desperate Friend

Last week, I was making chai for myself to procrastinate and I decided to play some music, because heavens forbid that I am left alone with the voice inside my head for even a second during the whole day. I was trying out new songs, and this particular one by Bruno Major called “Fairweather Friends” caught my attention. The beat was okay, the vibe as the kids call it these days, was afternoon-y. But that’s not why I am writing this. In the pre chorus, there is a line that goes,

I wish you could see
He’ll never love you
Quite like me
He’ll write you a sad song just like one of mine
But I know it won’t make you cry

First of all, I don’t think you, as a competitor, are the right person to judge my friends’ song writing skills, Bruno bro. Also, my tears…

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