Fiery River

There comes a day when the pressure

Fails to be contained

When the volcano explodes

And hot lava

Flows down the hillside.


It creates streams

And brooks

And rivulets,

Cutting through

The geography of the visage,

Always taking their time




But this river

Which births

From the glacier of the eyes

Is not always brackish.

Sometimes it carries

The sweetness of the flowers

Which fell into it.


But when it is bitter,

As it so often is,

It has spent too long





Inside the cauldron

Of the soul.


Then it overflows

The dams of the eyelids

Fail to contain it.

They shut and open


Attempting to confuse it,

But they fail every time.


The saltwater river

Filled with the bitter

Overbrewed decoction,

Scampers down the trunk of the nose

Infinite liquid squirrels


For a destination.


The streams splash down

In laughing cascades

Gurgling with pleasure

While the whole terrain weeps.

8 thoughts on “Fiery River

  1. Powerful. Relatable. Universal. Everyone reaches this point in their life, whether for dramatic reasons or not. A reminder that we’re not alone in our feelings.

    Also, Infinite liquid squirrels is my new favorite phrase.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fun fact: I wrote this poem about a couple, maybe more, years back but posted it here only recently. It’s heartening to see the appreciation it’s gotten here.

      Oh, yay! I’ve made it on your favourite phrases list! And yay to a fellow nerd who has a favourite phrases list!

      Liked by 1 person

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