La Luna

I am the moon’s reflection

In a murky night puddle

Do I not want to flit among the fireflies?

But I am not the moon

(Though I could be)

Only its flattened image;

Here comes a shoe

Sending ripples through my body.


The pearl-hued moonlight

Is not mine to claim

That illuminates


Do not illuminate.

All I have is borrowed glow

From the eternal sheen of my parent.


This murky puddle, and others like it

Are all I’ve ever known

Others like me trapped inside but

Do they know?


Do they know they’re trapped in a two-dimensional prison

While a whole other world lies outside,

Do they know their existence

Forms a sliver of reality?


This little puddle has been my world


The far off moonlit road on water the only road I know

But even that is two-dimensional.

And I am just the moon’s reflection

Defined by the one who made me

I don’t         have my own name

But I have tried.


I have tried to break free

Of the shackles that bind me to this tiny lake

And be a spot of light flying about the night

Like the fireflies, the fireflies


They chuckle and flicker about the 3-D world

They don’t give a second thought to

The world I yearn for a taste of

The world I long to be loose in

(When you see those ripples without a wind,

that’s me,


The world that will cast away

My past of being a reflection

And make me not the moon, not the firefly,

But me, only me

And make me shine someday on my own.





9 thoughts on “La Luna

    1. Thank you! You’re right- puddles are nature’s mirrors, and sometimes they make you notice things you’d have missed otherwise.
      And sorry for the delay in replying. I don’t know why WP put your comment in the spam section, so it was only today that I read it.

      Liked by 1 person

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