Tonight the night

Tonight the night does not seem as poetic
Tonight words feel like bile in my throat
The air stings like acid reflux in my nose
Today's one a.m. is not
a 'frenzy of poetish thoughts'
like that week-old note in my phone
yet to be turned into a poem
Tonight I turn on the light instead.

Tonight feels strange,
that strange taste of water melted from ice
oppressive heat despite the air conditioner
brain crouched in a low growl
as if a stomach empty despite dinner.

Tonight there are eyebrows knit, teeth grit
hunched over trusty 'poem notebook'
in the itchy light shadowing scratchy Pierre Cardin strokes
irking insomniac incomprehension
into trying to untangle itself, not helping,
Like a concerned mother interrupting her weirdo kid in the middle of a midnight poem.

Tonight there is scribbled squiggly squeaky-cleaning
of midnight-tinted rose-rimmed glasses—
Look at it, it's just a quiet time of the day,
Nothing inherently artistic
Nothing, in fact, is inherently anything—
Our mere existence warps their realities,
we're people-shaped gravity-toting holes
in the space where air should be
Air, heavy feather, with its ticklish brain sneeze,
Cannot oppress the lifeless, at least, into breathing;

so tonight the night does not breathe.
Though somehow hammers away, black-
smith incessant at the forge of a sleepless head
Confusing about confusion about confusion—
Tonight the night is a dead thing
merely playing at being alive.

19th April/ (9/30)/ Free verse

2 thoughts on “Tonight the night

  1. Can you change NaPoWriMo to NaPoWriYear? I need this poetic lightning juiced right into my veins. Right through eyeballs. It’s so good! It encapsulates that feeling, that particular midnight feeling, when thoughts morph into alien beings and words take on whole new meanings. The picture is a great addition too, illustrating in a thousand silent words what I got from reading this piece. You’re on fire, girl. Keep at it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NaPoWriYear? That good? Wow. You know what, I would do that if I could. When my words make you feel something, think about something, anything, that’s when I feel the most artistic. The picture was taken at the very moment I posted this, just to go along with the poem.
      Also whatever anyone may tell you, I definitely did not shed happy tears; that’s just water from the sentient sunshine of the internet getting into my eyes.

      Liked by 1 person

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