About this blog

Greetings and salutations, audience!

My name is Anisha, I’m a teenager and this blog is basically my online notebook. So I’m not monotonous and stick to one type of writing; instead, I do a variety of things. Sometimes you’ll see a poem, a short story or an article written by me. Other times it’ll be humorous parodies of other poets’ or writers’ work.

Disclaimer: The parodies are in no way intended to disrespect other authors or their work. The authors own all the rights over their original work. I, being an amateur writer myself, understand the mentality of other writers, and am not aiming to mock them in any way. The parodies are just meant to make you guys laugh, and thus intended for recreational purposes only.Also, the featured images I usually publish with my writings are the sole copyright of their creator.

With the intro and disclaimer in place, let’s kick-start this fantastic journey of ours!