Eleven Days: Day four

Where I do an episode-by-episode review of Stranger Things Season 3.

Episode 3, The Case of the Missing Lifeguard: For me, season 3 begins in this episode. Things happened. 

It was great seeing Max and Eleven playing detectives in this episode. Finally, they’re talking about something apart from boys and them working together was a better portrayal of character relationship development than giggly outings at the mall. I enjoyed their whole investigation into Heather’s disappearance.

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Eleven Days: Day two

Where I do an episode-by-episode review of Stranger Things Season 3. 

Episode 2, The Mall Rats: Finally, we get less of ‘Mileven’. Go Jim Hopper.

The focus on Max and Eleven’s relationship development was something refreshing, but it didn’t have to be so giggly. Being a teen girl myself, I’m pretty sure we don’t giggle that lot with our friends.

And we got our favourite science teacher back! I love any scene with Scott Clarke explaining stuff, so him explaining electromagnetism to Joyce (who ditched Hop for science class < insert frowny face here>) was interesting. Foreshadowing is never subtle in ST, but well, when you compare that with bursting rats, it was. Hey, I’m not criticising it- I don’t think anything’s wrong with that.

Nancy and Jonathan playing detectives was one of the highlights of the episode (not gonna say Nancy Drew because I hate those pricks at her office). Contrary to the teen couples, this couple is actually doing something. The rat at Mrs Driscoll’s bursting and turning into a demo(rat?) was pretty… ahem… let’s say graphic.

Also, I rechecked and found that Dustin and Steve’s reunion occurs in episode 2 and not 1, but since I’d watched them together, I didn’t remember correctly which event belonged to which episode, so I expounded upon how much I love their brotherly bond in the 1st episode’s review. Sorry about that.

Dustin, Steve and Robin made a good team. Brownie points to Robin for being multilingual and translating the recording. Also, Steve has grown a lot of brains between the seasons. Matching the ‘Daisy Bell’ background tune from the recording to the toy horse in the mall was a neat feat (rhyme unintended). I look forward to seeing more of their teamwork. They’re just so great together.

And finally, El did something. *Dramatic sigh of relief* What began as a juvenile spying game ended in a freakish scene with Billy sensing Eleven. Now that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.



Eleven Days: Day one

Reviews of any kind aren’t really my thing. I’ve been forced to write book reviews in my life, sure, but I don’t enjoy doing them. I don’t have any particular reason for that- some people don’t like writing them because they think they’re too snobbish, some people can’t find anything to say beyond the fact that they liked the book/movie/show/whatever or not- my aversion to writing reviews is not based on any of such grounds. And that is why I’ve never written a review of any kind over here.

But now, for the first time in my life, I want to write a review without any pressure from anybody.

Something has compelled me to write a review.

Something strange.

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Word of the Day #30

It’s the last amazing word in the WOTD challenge, so it’d be fitting to end the challenge with a word that means the last letter of the alphabet.

Izzard- the letter Z

Etymology- Old French

Pronunciation- ˈi-zərd

This wonderful word now marks the end of the Word of the Day challenge for me, and I’m delighted by the fact that I was able to post a word every day and complete the challenge. Initially I’d thought that I would probably skip a day or two, since I’m not used to posting everyday, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t. Hope this month of words widened your vocabulary, laid bare the weird pronunciation rules of the English language and highlighted the fact that languages are not individual little boxes, tightly packed, rather an intricately connected network of borrowing and lending words.

As digital communication has widened, as our attention spans have become shorter, our vocabulary has narrowed down and so has our intelligence. I don’t mean to rant, but this is the truth. Readers have become fewer and fewer as people prefer watching a 3-hour movie over reading, it has consequently condensed our vocabulary and ruined the beauty of language. The WOTD challenge was a humble attempt to counter this.

Now I’ll be returning to my normal schedule from the next week, posting every Sunday. I know it’ll be a bit tough for all of you to get used to not seeing a post every day, but I’m sure it’ll feel normal after a while, just like it used to. So look out for a piece of writing next Sunday.

Until then, goodbye and happy writing!