Killing the creator (part 3)

Applaud for me, my friends. This time, I’m only three days late as opposed to a week like last time.

So if you read the title of this post and went ‘What? There’s a part 3? Wha- when did this happen?’ then here’s where you should head. If you didn’t react like that and merely missed the 2nd part for some reason, then this is for you. If you’ve been waiting for part 3 since the last week and want to gouge my eye out with a toothpick since I’m late every week, then keep that toothpick inside and obey the nice purple link.   Read on…

Through the Woods (part 3)

The time has come to rescue you guys from the cliffhanger I left in Through the woods (part 2). If you’re totally confused as to what I’m talking about, chances are you haven’t read part 1 as well. Go ahead and read the previous parts if you haven’t and if you have, welcome to Part 3.

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