Killing the Creator (part 9)

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Al and I were seated on either side of my bed in the cheap hotel room we’d rented about an hour or two ago, contemplating the murder of the Creator. Between us was a notebook with notes detailing a classic break-in murder, all crossed out.

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Through the woods (part 4)

I know you all had been anticipating part 4 for a long time, and I realise it was cruel of me not to write yesterday, but you know the problem- time is a resource we all lack. But that’s no excuse for you to skip blogging- everyone’s busy, you’d say. And I agree. So as a kind of reparation, part 4 is going to be as long as two parts combined. There, now you have one lesser week to wait in exchange for waiting an extra day. As always, here’s a link for the previous parts. Let’s get right into it now.

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