Bored in tuition class- A Conversation with my brain

Scene: 7 p.m., my room, time for my Physics tuition and my Physics/Chemistry tutor is making notes of Magnetic Effects of Electric Current in my register. A little context here- he makes notes of a particular topic and then explains it to me. He’s also a Reiki healer, an astrologer, a numerologist and a tarot reader. Science+Pseudoscience= What the hell. 

My Brain: Why doesn’t he hurry up? It’s been a minute already. I’m bored.

Me: I know. Me too. *Drums fingers on table*

My Brain: You should stop doing that. It’s rude and obnoxious, not to mention monotonous.

Me: Maybe I should drum the Doctor Who theme, then. Much more entertaining.

My Brain: You know what else would be entertaining? Telling him what a load of bullcrap his astrology is.

Me: Because that’s not rude and obnoxious.

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Word of the Day #30

It’s the last amazing word in the WOTD challenge, so it’d be fitting to end the challenge with a word that means the last letter of the alphabet.

Izzard- the letter Z

Etymology- Old French

Pronunciation- ˈi-zərd

This wonderful word now marks the end of the Word of the Day challenge for me, and I’m delighted by the fact that I was able to post a word every day and complete the challenge. Initially I’d thought that I would probably skip a day or two, since I’m not used to posting everyday, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t. Hope this month of words widened your vocabulary, laid bare the weird pronunciation rules of the English language and highlighted the fact that languages are not individual little boxes, tightly packed, rather an intricately connected network of borrowing and lending words.

As digital communication has widened, as our attention spans have become shorter, our vocabulary has narrowed down and so has our intelligence. I don’t mean to rant, but this is the truth. Readers have become fewer and fewer as people prefer watching a 3-hour movie over reading, it has consequently condensed our vocabulary and ruined the beauty of language. The WOTD challenge was a humble attempt to counter this.

Now I’ll be returning to my normal schedule from the next week, posting every Sunday. I know it’ll be a bit tough for all of you to get used to not seeing a post every day, but I’m sure it’ll feel normal after a while, just like it used to. So look out for a piece of writing next Sunday.

Until then, goodbye and happy writing!