Best deals on human beings!

Good morning! Welcome to the Super-Duper Jumbo Mega Store
Do peruse the variety of heads on our shelves galore
We have hot, cute, sarcastic
Edgy, smart, fantastic
And best: they're all summarised in lines of four.

Scan that QR code you see on the screen
Bask in the shimmer of your matches' sheen
Introvert, extrovert,
Ambivert, pervert—
We've got something for anybody who's keen.

And now dear it's time to set up your profile
Sell your fuckable parts with an innocent smile,
Sell your soul in an ashtray
'Cause no one's reading an essay
Now sit and pray for that elusive 'true love' awhile.

Start inane conversations with a simple little 'Hi'
Get asked where you live by a pick-me guy
Who's so sweet and nice
(But only for a price)
'Stories and connections' is what you'll wanna buy.

Why stop here? Get our premium plan!
Join the elite self-commodification clan!
More likes you'll see,
More kissing in a tree
All you need is a harmless little scan.

7th April/ (5/30)/ Extended Limerick

2 thoughts on “Best deals on human beings!

  1. A Review-
    The products on sale from the celebration factory have taken a turn for the interesting of late. It seems the commodification of the soul has taken one step closer to realization with a new line of heads. Why, I couldn’t think of a more refined gift than a head. What a conversation starter! A good head can really a room together. Be sure to check them out!
    Fuckable parts sold separately.

    Well, Anisha, I must say your imagination is incredible. I want to buy your zany, fantastical, ludicrous novel right now!
    A wonderful limerick. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This just in: Regularly scheduled events at the Cerebration Factory have taken a hit due to the amount of sincere appreciation and witty commentary from one Starninja. Apologies for inconvenience, kindly hold while our CEO is in the process of grinning her head off. Your patience is appreciated while a new head undergoes manufacture for her.

      You’re one of the reasons I want to finish my zany, fantastical, ludicrous novel quick as I can, man.

      Liked by 1 person

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